Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dream Warrior Design Group

Dream Warrior Design Group develops highly affordable and powerful web based applications that assist small and medium size businesses in reaching their highest potential.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Awesome RSS Technique with Craigslist

We found an excellent technique for using RSS data feeds in combination with Craigslist. If you are searching for something on craigslist, and you cannot find it, the category that you are searching for has an orange RSS button at the bottom. If you click this button, it will take you to a page with some very scary looking code on it. Ignore the code. It is not relevant to understand. All you need to do is copy the web address at the top of this page, go back to your RSS reader, like myYahoo. Select "add RSS by URL", then drop the web address you have just copied from craigslist into the reader. Click the "add RSS" button, and now your RSS reader will give you the latest update for that category. For example, if you are looking for a car, and you want to spend $5000, you can do a search on craigslist for all the Hondas in that range. Now let's say you are also interested in Toyotas. And you don't find very much that you like. Instead of searching over and over and over again, you can follow the RSS process above. And the results for both of those cars will come up automatically every time you check your reader. Now imagine you are also looking for a mattress, a girlfriend, a job, and whatever else. And you take this short amount of time to add all of these categories to your RSS reader. Now, instead of wasting hours checking craigslist, you go to one location in myYahoo, and it's all there as well as anything else that you want. It's like the magic lamp the genie once promised us.

Monday, March 13, 2006

RSS Success

I have been using RSS to find things and I have had great luck. It saves me so much time in terms of looking for stuff. I find the rss feeds I need and I subscribe to them in my reader. Then I just go to myyahoo and everything is there in one place. I can see the power of this for marketing purposes. As a marketer, I can see the power and future of this tech. Email will become the last way to get the latest info. The beauty of RSS is that it is free fast and the most important is that you have full control.

Friday, November 25, 2005

What is Rss and how does it help my Marketing?

Rss stands for Really Simple Syndication
Which really means a whole new way to receive or send content information out to the world. If you are interested in keep up on certain subjects.

You would go and set up a free yahoo reader to receive the content you choose. There are other free content readers. In the yahoo reader you can search and add content on subjects you like. Also, when you are searching a useful site and see a RSS feed you can then add this too. When you open your reader there will be the 4 or 5 most recent articles on each feed you choose to add. This is totaly free to use and you can keep all your info in one place, up to date and no spam like with email newsletters. The feeds you subscribe to do not even have your email. Try it out it is easy and free if you go to www.my.yahoo.com you can get started.

On this site later we will go further in depth on the subjects of online marketing through RSS and Blogging and well as our other blogs on Search Engine Optimization and Blogging. We also have a new Search Engine Optimization site for our services http://www.brandseo.com/

We also have an art site www.ezmuseum.com with masters like